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parallax   →   paralaksa

Parallax is a deceptive change of the position of an object which is observed while the position of the observer changes. Position of eye at all volumetric vessels must be at the same level as the meniscus. If not, the parallax will cause an error while reading the position of the meniscus of a liquid in a burette. It will be a positive mistake if the eye is lower, and negative if the eye is higher than the meniscus plane.


meniscus   →   meniskus

Meniscus is the concave curve of a liquid surface in a graduate or narrow tube. Caused by surface tension. Position of eye at all volumetric vessels must be at the same level as the meniscus to avoid a parallax error.

Parallax errors

Schellbach’s burette   →   Schellbachova bireta

When colourless liquids are used, parallax mistake is avoided by use of Schellbach’s burette. On the inside wall opposite to graduation scale it has a melted in ribbon from milky glass in the middle of which a blue line is found. The level of liquid is now spotted very easily because of light breaking in the meniscus blue line now looks like a double spike.

Schellbach’s burette

volumetric flask   →   odmjerna tikvica

Volumetric flasks are bottles made of glass, in a pear like in shape with long thin necks and flat bottoms. All come with a ground glass stopper for a tight seal. Volume marking is cut in glass with fluoride acid around the neck, so that parallax should be avoided (flask is put in front of the eyes so that one can see only a straight horizontal line). A volumetric flask is calibrated to contain (TC or In) the indicated volume of water at 20 °C when the bottom of the meniscus is adjusted to just rest on the center of the line marked on the neck of the flask. They are used for preparing the exactly known volume of sample solution and standard solutions of reagents. On each flask with volume designation a temperature on which the flask has been calibrated is designated.

Volumetric flask


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