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binary solution   →   binarna otopina

Binary solution is a mixture of two liquids that are completely miscible one with another. The boiling point of binary solution depends upon the solution composition and there can be three cases:

1. the boiling points of solutions of all compositions lie between the boiling points of clean liquids

2. the boiling points of solutions of any composition lie above the boiling points of clean liquids

3. the boiling points of solutions of some compositions lie below the boiling points of clean liquids

aqueous solution   →   vodena otopina

Aqueous solutions are those solutions where water is the solvent. An aqueous solution found in an equation describing a chemical reaction is denoted by the state symbol, (aq).

binary   →   binaran

Binary, describing a compound or alloy formed from two elements

concentrated solution   →   koncentrirana otopina

Concentrated solution is a solution that contains a large amount of solute relative to the amount that could dissolve.

dilute solution   →   razrijeđena otopina

Dilute solution contains a relatively low concentration of solute.

ideal solution   →   idealna otopina

Ideal solution is a solution in which solvent-solvent and solvent-solute interactions are identical, so that properties such as volume and enthalpy are exactly additive. Ideal solutions follow Raoult’s law, which states that the vapour pressure pi of component i is pi = xi pi*, where xi is the mole fraction of component i and pi* the vapour pressure of the pure substance i.

isotonic solution   →   izotonična otopina

Isotonic solutions are the solutions that have equal osmotic pressure.

non-water solution   →   nevodena otopina

Non-water solution is a solution in which the solvent is not a water (usualy non-polar).

saturated solution   →   zasićena otopina

Saturated solution is a solution that holds the maximum possible amount of dissolved material. When saturated, the rate of dissolving solid and that of recrystallisation solid are the same, and a condition of equilibrium is reached. The amount of material in solution varies with temperature; cold solutions can hold less dissolved solid material than hot solutions. Gases are more soluble in cold liquids than in hot liquids.

solid solution   →   čvrste otopine

Solid solution is a crystalline material that is a mixture of two or more components, with ions, atoms, or molecules of one component replacing some of the ions, atoms of the other component in its normal crystal lattice.


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